Creating the perfect home for Spring.

Lawn and Patio of Contemporary House

Spring’s right around the corner and if you’re looking to be a first time home owner, your first thought as you continue to look around for homes, is probably how can you enjoy this new home in the spring and summer months.

Well if you plan on being a new Raleigh home owner this spring, we ask that you think about these accessories as a must for your new home.

1) Outside patio.  Having an outside patio is a must for any home.  Whether it’s screened porch or not, a outside patio can add tons of value to your new home.

2) Verana – Verana’s are getting more and more popular with most Raleigh custom built homes.  With luxury homes being two stories and sometimes even three or four, having an outside verana is important for many homes.

3) Stone Walkways –  Stone or brick walk ways are important parts of many homes and can often be more decorative than a simple walkway.

4) Porches and Swings  – Though considered decorations, porches and swings are easy additions and can be added by any respectable Raleigh home builder.  Not only can they be added to an outdoor patio easily, but they can be welcome additions to any backyard.

5) Arches and other decorations – Along with porches and swings, a simple conversation with a Wake County custom home builder will bring out many decorative ideas for the yard as well.  Arches, Gazebos, and Chuppahs are just a few of the outdoor options available depending on what home builder that you are dealing with.

Looking for a Wake County home builder?

If you’re looking for a Wake County home builder, look no further than the team at JM Davis Custom Homes.  JM Davis custom homes is an award winning custom home building team in Wake County.  Serving all of Wake County including Raleigh, Apex, Cary, and Holly Springs, Mark Davis is here to help you with all of your Raleigh custom home needs.  Contact them today at 919-422-9800 or submit your project online.

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