What is a custom home?

If you’re looking to become a home owner, you have probably heard the term custom home thrown around and wondered what that means.

Well a Raleigh built custom home is a home that is built to meet your specific needs.  First you meet with a draftsman or contractor and he/she goes with over with you what exactly you are looking for.  This can mean a variety of things from having a certain set number of bed rooms or having a specific idea of what a kitchen will look like.

Then your Raleigh home builder will take all of these ideas down and come up with a draft for you of what the two of you envisioned together and then share it with you to get your final thoughts.

If the draft is acceptable the home will then be built to meet the requirements of the draft.  Usually the home building process can take 6 to 8 months depending on the crew and the time table.

If you’re looking to become a home owner for either the first time or to become a home owner again, a Raleigh custom home from award winning design Mark Davis might be what you need.

Are you looking for a Raleigh built custom home?

Award winning custom built home owner Mark Davis is here to help you with all of your custom home needs. To contact him today call (919) 422-9800 or submit your home request to him today.

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